Music Lessons

Thanks for your interest my lesson program!  I'm very humbled by the reputation that we gained at Peninsula Music of having the finest music studio on the Peninsula. I am accepting new students!  This page describes my lesson program, and is very similar to the program that we offered at Peninsula Music.

There are two location options for lessons:  1) For school aged students, we would do In person, in the studio, and 2) for adults, we can do in-person, or, we could also meet online using Google Meet.  The content is the same either way; and the format of the lesson is your choice. I do not offer online lessons for school aged students at all.  Many adult students have come to prefer the convenience of online lessons; there is no travel time or cost involved, and it seems easier to work an online lesson into our busy schedule.  For those that prefer an in-person, one on one lesson experience, then certainly in-person lessons are available, and I will be happy to schedule it for you.  In person would be my preference, if you don't have an opinion one way or the other.

Speaking of lesson reinforcement, you’ll (probably!) need an instrument of your own for practice.  If you don’t already have something, I can make some recommendations.  Exception:  if you're in our Music for Grown-Ups program, you won't need an instrument for awhile.

Our lessons are 45 minutes in length, and you may attend once or twice a week as your schedule allows. The fee for one lesson per week (4 lessons per month) is $150 per month; if you attend two lessons per week, then you would simply double the fee.

There is no contract; I have always just done a month-to-month agreement, and it has always worked out well.  I’ve had students come in kindergarten, and stay all the way until college, literally; or, some kids will just come for the summer for 4-6 weeks.  I treat them all the same, and give them all my best, regardless.  

If you’d like to chat further, I’d be happy to hear from you.  You can feel free to use the Contact Me form, or, feel free to text or call on my cell phone at 757-868-7001. 

Private Lessons

My Private Lessons are one-on-one, teacher and student.  Here in the studio, available for student use, are two full-size electronic keyboard setups, one of which has an 88 key, fully weighted piano action (a Yamaha KX88).  The usual lesson format consists of review of material from the last lesson, presentation and demonstration of new material, and student review of new material.  New students coming in with no prior experience will be encouraged to learn to read music and develop a relevant, age-appropriate understanding of music theory.  However, students that present with specific learning disabilities that would prevent them from enjoying music if they are unable to read music will be taken a different direction, and will learn to play by ear to the greatest extent possible.   While we will use a published curriculum, the fact of the matter is that the lack of ability to read music has no bearing on whether one should be able to play, create, and enjoy music.

The following keyboards and synthesizers are available for lessons and recording projects:

I offer lessons in the following areas of interest:


Includes kids piano, jazz piano, and classical study.   Students are met at the level of their abilities, and we progress and proceed at the student's comfort level.   In addition to our work in the studio, I use two different iPad apps (depending on the student) that allow me to make homework assignments and track your progress when you're away from the studio.  Advanced students will learn how to read chord charts, improvise over a chord progression, and play solos with an accompaniment.

Guitar and Bass Guitar

I am well-versed in rock, blues, jazz, country and gospel styles.  In addition, I read standard music notation, as well as the Nashville Number System, and can help you learn to read, as well.  You will also learn music theory, and how to apply your knowledge to chord construction and harmony.

All students enrolled in private or semi-private lessons have many performance opportunities, both for studio recording as well as streaming internet shows.

Online Lessons

With the advent of fast computers, streaming video and audio, and high speed internet available everywhere to everyone, I started offering online lessons about four years ago.  The results have been very positive.  We schedule a regular lesson block, and I connect to you using Google Meet at the appointed time.  The lesson is structured just like a regular studio lesson.  I have three cameras in my studio, and I can change views as needed (for example, I have an overhead shot so you can see my hands playing the piano).  You will need the Google Meet app installed, and you will need to be able to operate your device well enough to be able to share your screen from time to time.   

Online lessons break down the barriers and inconvenience of travel, and you can remain in the security of your own home or office for your lesson.  Please feel free to contact me for more information on this great opportunity!

Special Programs

Welcome to "InfiniteHarmony: Piano Exploration Without Limits" 🌟🎹

We are thrilled to introduce a groundbreaking piano lesson program designed to embrace the beauty of music without the confines of traditional sheet music. At InfiniteHarmony, we believe that everyone, regardless of ability, deserves the opportunity to experience the joy of playing the piano and expressing themselves through music.

🌈 What Sets Us Apart:

Tailored for Diverse Abilities: Our program is thoughtfully crafted to cater to students with diverse abilities. We understand that each learner is unique, and our curriculum is adapted to accommodate various learning styles.

No Sheet Music Required: Say goodbye to the constraints of sheet music! "InfiniteHarmony" encourages musical exploration without the need for traditional notation. Our approach is centered around fostering a deep connection with the instrument and promoting a love for music.

Adaptive Teaching Methods: We recognize that each student learns differently. Mr Doug employs adaptive teaching methods to ensure that every participant receives personalized guidance, making the learning experience enjoyable and effective.

Celebrate Inclusivity Through Music: "InfiniteHarmony" is not just a program; it's a celebration of inclusivity. Our community embraces the diversity of our learners, and music becomes a powerful medium to express individuality, regardless of background or ability.

🚀 Join the Musical Adventure:

Whether you're a complete beginner or have some musical experience, "InfiniteHarmony" welcomes you to embark on a unique piano exploration journey. Our aim is to create an environment where the joy of music knows no limits, and everyone can discover the magic of playing the piano.

🎶 Limited Spots Available:

Reserve your place in this musical adventure today! ✨

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Music for Grown-Ups

This easy-going program is designed specifically for adults who would like to learn piano or guitar in a relaxed, casual context, and be able to play and enjoy their instrument as a tool for stress reduction and relaxation.  You will be amazed at the music you'll be able to create at the very first lesson, and you'll feel your cares and stresses melt away with the music.  You can get started with no instrument of your own, and there is no homework required (although you will definitely want to play at home, too!), so there's literally no pressure.  Call or text for details... you could start as soon as this week!