Here are a few testimonials from clients and students that I have worked with in the past.

Jason Greenberg As budding guitar student, Doug and his crew kept their doors and hearts open to inquisitive minds. Twenty years later as a professional sound engineer/producer/musician working internationally, I can honestly say that Mr. Doug's establishment was an invaluable stepping stone to a life with music. Thank you, Doug and Jerry (shoutouts to Tony and Mikey as well), for helping alleviate the small town boredom and fostering creative young folk! 

Dayne Edinger I have personally worked with, recorded, and performed with Doug and I can guarantee that you will not find a better teacher nor will you find a better environment to enrich your life with music. He's a professional and whether you've never played music before or are a seasoned player, he can take you as far as your heart desires. Just want to play a song or two for yourself in your room? Want to eventually play on stage with other professionals? It doesn't matter. He's your guy! Give him a call.

Jenny Courson Greenwell I agree! I started lessons with Doug just a couple of years ago because piano lessons were on my "after retirement" bucket list. I'm very pleased with how far he has brought me along in my piano journey. He also teaches piano to my grandsons via lessons over the internet. My grandsons are in Richmond, and are ages 8 and 10. I am so impressed at their progress! Doug keeps the music fun and interesting for all of us. Doug's patience and teaching ability is amazing--across all ages! I heartily recommend Doug Norton!

Ann Johnson Crawford Jenny Courson Greenwell I also took piano lessons from Doug for over 6 years as a “late in life” and “retirement” project! Doug helped me realize that you are never too old to learn something new! It was an awesome experience! He is a great teacher and was so patient. I learned so much and I am so grateful that I was able to take lessons from him! I am still playing and still enjoying being able to do so ! I recommend him 100% percent! 🎹🎼

Kate Kraxberger My boys loved their lessons! Highly recommend Doug Norton!

Arnie Pearce Incredible player and teacher ..! For many many many many years ..!! Lol..

Kat Elefteriou I took lessons here for 6 years and it was the highlight of my week. I came in wanting to learn a little bit of guitar thinking I wouldn't take it anywhere and came out playing acoustic, electric and bass guitar. This led me to join garage bands and made music a big part of my life